We're a low toxicity studio! What does this mean? We do our best to make sure every technique and form of printmaking we practice is as green as possible. That means less fumes and safer chemicals allowing for a healthier studio and gallery.​ 


​Mimi Boston    Nancy Carney Barnhart    John DeMotte    Zachary A. Edison    Liza Butts         

Roger Jones    Enid Keyser    Eve Laxer    Jane Marshall    Sarah Marshall    Robin McDonald     Helga Mendoza​ 

    Linda McDavid Merry    Michael Merry    Haruyo Miyagawa     Debra Riffe   Angelica Lyublinskaya

  Richard Stockham    David Tankersley    Joi West​    Cathy Wright    Lindsey Matthews

Membership is open to artists. 

Any members who want to work in the studio must complete a shop tour and safety briefing and also do one of the following: 

  • Take a workshop with us. Afterward you'll be able to access the equipment used in the workshop. 
  • Furnish samples of your work and a reference from an established member or a recognized instructor or known print-maker stating which media you are competent in and that you have demonstrated proper shop responsibility in the past. References can be emailed to paperworkerslocal@gmail.com.

Guests and family of members are welcome to visit but are required to become members if they want to use the shop. 

Memberships can be handled via PayPal subscription or alternative arrangements can be made via email.

Inquiries can be submitted through the Contact tab above and you will receive a prompt reply. 

basic member


  • Shop access any time, except during workshops. 
  • Opportunity to exhibit your work on our website and through ArtCloud's Marketplace.
  • Opportunities to have work included in the annual members exhibition.
  • May curate exhibitions, portfolio exchanges and special projects.
  • Sell work in the shop racks (20% commission).
  • Have a voice in the running of the shop at the monthly meeting.
  • Use of a flat file drawer for storing your materials.
  • $50 per month.

Supporting Member

Many of our members are young emerging artists and we do our best to keep the cost of membership low for them. We appreciate that members who can afford to pay more voluntarily to do so in order to help support the co-op.

Supporting members receive all of the same benefits as basic members. Plus the satisfaction of knowing they are helping build a community of artists. 

$75 per month.