From linoleum block printing to making a living as an artist, PaperWorkers offers workshops relating to every aspect of being an artist and to a variety of media.


Non-Toxic Intaglio Class

With Marco Hernandez

June 5 & 6 : 10 am - 4 pm 

This workshop will consist of various non-toxic copper intaglio techniques. Participants will be shown how to etch copper plates to create various types of lines, textures, and values with Ferric Chloride using non-toxic grounds. Traditional intaglio printing and Chine-Colle will also be demonstrated. class is limited to 6 people. Masks are required.

About Instructor: Marco Hernandez is a Mexican Artist/Printmaker who teaches at Wichita State University. He received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Kansas State University in December of 2015. The theme and imagery in his work relates to his culture and unique upbringing in the United States.

Participants will provide:

- Sketching paper and drawing supplies 

-  Rives BFK paper

- 2 or 3 sheets-Etching tools(etching needle or sewing needle and a scraper/burnisher tool)

- Metal File or Deburring Tool(for beveling copper edges)Textured fabrics that can be used for soft groundPaperworkers will provide:

- Newsprint

-Tracing Paper-Inks for printing

- BIG Ground

- 2 Copper plates per person

The cost of the class totals $165 and includes a $40 supply fee for the copper plates, BIG ground, ink and other supplies.


$80 tuition and $15 supply fee - Total $95

 May 8 from 11am-5pm

Cut layer paste is taught by Michael Willett who is an art professor at University of Montevallo.  

The art of collage is all about exploration, trial and error, and PLAY! The goal of this workshop is to experiment with new methods of working and enjoy the process of collage. All levels are welcome. 

The workshop will include an artist talk on the artwork in the gallery & short lecture on collage artists, demos of several techniques associated with collage and non-toxic image transfers, and participant making time. Individual guidance and personal critiques will be ongoing.

We will create mixed-media collages using acrylic paint, cut paper, a variety of drawing tools, and transfers of B&W photocopies. Emphasis will be placed on finding design unity and constructing meaning through the combination of disparate images and mark making.We will focus on collage as a process of working (over creating refined finished product),while working on several pieces at a time to develop a small series. 


Materials provided to the participants include:

  • Cutting mattes, X-Acto knives, scissors
  • Magazine pages
  • Adhesives (acrylic matte medium, glue sticks)
  • Mixed media paper surface to work on
  • Some drawing materials
  • Masking tapeMaterials participants are encouraged to bring:
  • Personal collage ephemera including but not limited to: tissue paper, old book pages,letters, drawings, maps, string, etc.
  • Surfaces: old canvases, small wood panel, book cover, etc.
  • Acrylic paints & supplies - brushes, cup for water, pallete paper
  •  Your favorite drawing materials – pencils, charcoal, pastels, etc

Collagraphs on Sintra Plate - Liza Butts 


April 24 & 25 from 10-4. 

$125 tuition and supply fee of $10 for a total of $135. 

Sintra Plate is made from PVC plastic. It is a very versatile material that you can draw into, carve, cut shapes out of, layer on wet and dry materials, and experiment easily with color. This process is flexible and good for people who like the feeling of a monoprint, but want to build a plate they can make multiple editions from. The supply fee includes 2 Sintra plates and some basic materials to build collagraphs. Please bring any materials you want to experiment with: i.e. fabric, tape, cardstock, cardboard, spray paint, dried plant materials. The process is based around gluing materials on the plate, letting the materials dry, and then inking the plate to print. 

Liza is a painter and printmaker. You can view her work at

Dezzy Moon:Screenprint Monoprints

Screen Print Monoprints by Dezzy Moon

March 13 from 10-4. $80 tuition and supply fee of $35 for a total of $115. 

The supply fee includes a 20x24 screen which is yours to keep. No press is required for this easy to learn process. The workshop is suitable for any skill level. It is screen printing without coating a screen and burning an image. You can paint, draw, or put ink directly onto the screen. You can also hand cut stencils with freezer paper for a more traditional approach to screen printing.  The several methods appeal to many different types of artists. You can approach it in a very loose, painterly way, you can draw directly onto the screen.  Dezzy Moon has her BFA in printmaking from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and teaches at Green Pea Press. 

You can see her work at