Phoned In

An Exhibition of Cell Phone Photography


With the advent of digital photography and smart phones in particular, the general idea of a photograph has radically changed. Rarely do we see physical prints made from negatives in a dark room.  Most of the photographic images we view are made with a smart phone and uploaded to Instagram or Facebook feeds and experienced on the small screen of a phone or tablet. They are referred to more as pics than photographs.  This exhibit takes these pics in the phones of 5 photographers and puts them on the wall as physical prints. Some images come from dedicated project IG feeds, some are selected from personal IG or FB feeds, and some are  personal projects that haven’t been experienced outside of the photographer’s phone.  Making physical objects of these images that would otherwise be experienced digitally creates new avenues for them to be developed and experienced.

*This exhibition was made possible with generous grant funding from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. 


Exhibiting Artists: John DeMotte, Lee Dunnie, Phil Proctor, Jared Ragland, and Joel Whitaker