Dezzy Moon: Adventurers Welcome

I planned to travel the country after graduating college. Going to different craft schools, basically living as a creative vagabond. I had big plans for last year, and as we all know, that couldn’t happen. After a year of staying home, I was finally able to have my adventure! I traveled through thirteen states in eighteen days. I saw places I’d wanted to see my entire life, as well as surprises along the way. This show is about hope, excitement, and finally being able to quench a bit of my wanderlust. I loved making this work because it allowed me to recount memories from my trip, and keep me excited for a future filled with travel. 


Dezzy Moon is a printmaker and mixed media artist from New Hope, Alabama. She graduated in 2020 from the University of

Alabama in Huntsville with a BFA in printmaking. Her primary processes are screen print and wood block relief. She also works with embroidery, weaving, photography, and clay. The exhibition opens with a reception on January 13, 2022, from 5pm to 7pm and closes on Saturday, February 19, 2022. Our regular gallery hours are Saturdays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Masks are required.


Image: Adventurers Welcome, reduction woodblock, 2021.